English enjoy success at gardening world cup

The event, which invites 16 of the world’s best horticultural designers to compete to see who can sustain the best and most aesthetically pleasing garden for a month.

Last year’s event was won by Andy Sturgeon, who also took the Best in Show at Chelsea in 2010, and he returned to be one of four judges on the panel.

Sarah Eberle and Jo Thompson both managed to secure silver medals for their gardens and the latter told the Daily Telegraph she was amazed by the craftsmanship of the gardeners at the competition.

“The curve on one of the benches was 10mm out and they wanted to do it again. The contractor told me he couldn’t sleep that night for worrying,” she added.

High hopes were also held for Jonathan Denby of Cumbria but his chances of winning the competition were dashed by a rogue snail in his shipment of materials from the UK, so he had to be content with a bronze medal