Dont stop looking after the environment just because its colder

Gardeners in the UK often spend much of the year planning how to make their garden a haven full of beautiful plants and wildlife.

But once the plants have been packed away safely in the greenhouse for the winter, it is important to remember that the wildlife in the garden also needs help to survive the colder weather.

Birds are often the victim of a double-danger over the Christmas period.

As the ground hardens and snow falls, the winged-creatures will struggle to get their daily dose of bugs and worms.

Add to this the threat of the local cat swiping them as they scavenge for food and the threat is increased.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) suggests gardeners put out a bird table and feeder – preferably somewhere that isnt easily accessible to cats.

Squirrels can also be a problem for birds, stealing their food from feeders, but RHS experts have told the Daily Mail that a good way to stop this is to mix the food with a touch of chilli.

RSPB wildlife adviser Lloyd Scott told the paper that "using chilli powder to deter squirrels is a cheap, easy and effective solution".

With the UK often being bashed by strong winds in winter, it is essential to make sure that garden objects such as barbeques or benches are safely stowed away. This will help avoid damage to the greenhouse.