Dont fear the weather, gardeners told

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts should not rest on their laurels when the weather is bad, it has been suggested.

New York Botanical Gardens vice-president of horticulture and living collections Todd Forrest recently told USA Today that growers should make themselves busy, regardless of conditions outside.

He explained that those with water pooling in their garden should think about planting specimens which thrive in wet soil in these areas.

By doing so, horticulture lovers will be working with nature, rather than fighting it, Mr Forrest said.

Meanwhile, care should be taken not to walk on flowerbeds or vegetable patches when they are wet as this is "about the worst thing you can do for them".

Pay attention to more mature trees and have them treated and pruned where needed as they are the most noticeable part of the landscape, the expert added.

Meanwhile, first lady Michelle Obama has instructed White House staff to extend the kitchen garden by 500 sq ft, allowing them to grow more fruit and vegetables this year.