Conservatories prudent home improvement investments

Adding a new conservatory and improving kitchens have been identified as wise investments for homeowners.

The Scottish Homebuilding and Renovating Show states that kitchens can have their aesthetics improved by replacing existing cupboards and worktops, or consumers could opt to replace the entire thing.

A conservatory or sun room was also identified as a prudent investment for those who enjoy soaking up some rays without having to venture outside, online resource Find A Property suggests.

Loft conversions could also be considered, with it being suggested by Halifax that they can add the most value to home.

Finally, creating a minimal, tiled bathroom is also recommended as "clean and crisp" lines are very much the desired look.

In related news, the Daily Telegraph recently reported that an increasing number of property owners are being inspired by television shows such as Property Ladder and Grand Designs and seeking to improve their homes through investments like conservatories.