Conservatories offer a relaxing atmosphere

Conservatories provide people with an opportunity to relax and take a break from their hectic lifestyles, it has been suggested.

Industry commentator Marty Hair makes his comments in the Detroit Free Press, noting that plant conservatories are often visited by those people who are keen to "luxuriate in balmy, fragrant air" that the glazed structures are able to offer.

Mr Hair adds that due to the warmer temperatures provided by such edifices, gardening enthusiasts are often able to enjoy such exotic horticultural sights such as orchids, bananas and palms – none of which would be able to flourish outside such structures.

In other news, the Tampa Tribune recently featured an article which noted the opening of a "cathedral-like" conservatory that forms part of a $21 million (£10.56 million) expansion of the Florida Museum of Fine Arts.

The publication notes that the structure includes a "soaring" 30-foot-high glazed roof and large windows and enjoys a great deal of natural light as a result.