Conservatories can retain heat

As the trend for installing modular glass structures continues, a leading property website has pointed out that conservatories not only add an extra dimension to a home, they can improve the insulation of the building. stated that a properly designed and installed conservatory can have "impressive" eco benefits with most harnessing the power of the sun to heat the home.

It points out that south-facing conservatories allow the suns rays into the home, where the existing insulation helps retain the heat, saving the need for using central heating.

"The eco credentials of conservatories (AKA sunspaces, in the green building world) are impressive," says

"Most new eco homes are built with some kind of south-facing conservatory to allow the building to utilise passive solar heating."

It seems that, far removed from their draughty ancestors, modern conservatories and glasshouses are now seen as a money saving, design tool.