Community gardening becomes an art form

Artists have always used a variety of mediums to depict their creations – and flowers are no less valuable than paint, clay and metal.

Fritz Haeg’s ‘Edible Estates’ community gardening exhibits have been used as an art form by galleries in America and Europe.

In Liverpool he used edible and medicinal tall native plants in his Foraging Spiral and Basecamp exhibitions on a site previously covered with terraced houses and tower blocks.

Fritz loves the freedom and versatility of working with living things, as does French artist Mathilde Roussel, who creates human forms from soil and wheat weeds to create ‘Lives of Grass’ sculptures.  Unlike workers in many industries, both artists love the idea of the lack of control they have over the development of their exhibits.

What arty designs have you made in your garden?  Gabriel Ash loves to learn about its customers’ creations, so pictures are welcomed.


Author: Robert Smith

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