Choosing a stylish greenhouse with Gabriel Ash

Gabriel Ash offering a stunning range of stylish greenhouses to suit your needs. Each style is available with its own set of fantastic features, designed to provide you with everything you need to keep your plants at their best. Gabriel Ash’s range include everything from the stylish Rosemoor greenhouse, which is perfect for those with a smaller garden to the modern Wisley greenhouse, which is available with a set of cold frames made from high quality cedar wood.

Greenhouses come with a fantastic set of features, which vary depending on which style you choose. Victorian and Georgian styles are perfect for those with a larger garden and are not only beautiful, but also provide you with plenty of room to grow a wide selection of stunning plants.

When selecting a greenhouse, it is important to think about the quality of the structure as well as the style. Cedar wood is the perfect choice for those looking for a longer lasting greenhouse. Greenhouses constructed with cedar wood not only provide your garden with a pleasant aroma, they are also rot-resistant, allowing you to keep your garden looking stylish and attractive.

Dome greenhouses are an ideal choice for those wishing to add something more interesting and unique to their garden. Constructed as a freestanding structure, this type of greenhouse is perfect for those with plenty of space in their garden and provides plenty of space within the greenhouse to grow a variety of plants. Although expensive, this particular style is the perfect choice for those wishing to provide their plants with everything they need in order to thrive as well as an impressive structure for the garden.

Other interesting styles to consider include a gothic style greenhouse, which can be constructed as a freestanding structure or attached to a wall. Barn greenhouses are the perfect choice for those wishing to create a country or rustic theme. If you have a small garden and wish to save space, then a lean-to greenhouse may be the perfect choice.

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