Cactus Plants Grow Better in Greenhouses

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a year round gardener with all types of wonderful flowers and herbs at your green finger tips? Well now is time to think about adding one of our beautiful wooden greenhouses to your garden. The heat trapped inside these wonderful cedar greenhouses are full of luscious moisture and can allow desert type plants to flourish and grow.

Cacti in particular love sweltering temperatures and they thrive and even bloom when they are able to get enough water and light. Some Cacti growers in the UK prefer to start with ready to buy almost adult sized plants, as these are easier to see results from. If you are feeling lucky though and want to really get your hands dirty and experience nurturing the plants from the packet to the flower then you can obtain seeds from your local nursery or garden centre.

It's important, when you purchase a greenhouse to collectively place it in the right location. You don't want it in to allow in too much light but at the same time in winter you don't want the greenhouse to be in too much shade. If it is at all feasible you should wait a year, watch the sun and then determine you best location. Greenhouses should be customisable and here at Gabriel Ash it is no different. Click here to see our range of wooden greenhouses.

Most greenhouses boast a lovely place to pot and keep compost. If you are able to turn one side of your greenhouse into a potting section you will not be sorry. To re-pot your store bought cactus you will need mineral enriched soil. As in all desert areas of the New World, North America in fact, the deserts see very little rain and the soil in these parts makes up for this lack with the minerals that they contain. The plant contains some moisture and is able to draw what it needs from the soil.

Keep the pot of your Cactus just right, not too big and not too small. This allows the roots enough room to grow. Use your compost to fill the pot, but do not smash the soil around the roots, just tap it in. When you are finished you can water as needed during spring and summer. If you wait too long though, your Cactus will most likely show you they're thirsty with droopy leaves.

A very popular cactus to grow in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse is the common Aloe Vera. This drought tolerant body-healing cactus is a sure to win favourite with gardening enthusiasts and your family alike.

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