Broccoli the lung-saver

The news that broccoli can limit damage in the lungs, possibly preventing lung disease, will mean that many gardeners may consider growing the vegetable to help protect the health of their family.

The brassica oleracea botrytis cymosa (broccoli) is fairly easy to grow in the UK and prefers a heavy soil in the sun.

It should take between 15 and 40 weeks to grow depending on the variety, according to

Calabrese will take around 15 weeks to grow from seed and are the most common form found in the UK.

Broccoli actually means little sprouts in Italian but, as explains, there is often confusion over the names.

"The words broccoli and calabrese are different varieties of the same vegetable," it says.

"In general terms, Calabrese produces green heads whereas broccoli produces purple or white heads.

"The most common in the UK is calabrese which, annoyingly, is sold in the supermarkets as broccoli."

Both vegetables are part of the cabbage family.