Blue Peter garden upsets Human Shrub

The White City site is to be moved to Manchester when the show is transferred to new facilities in 2011.

However, the decision has not sat well with the anonymous Colchester resident, who dresses as a plant and promotes garden and greenhouse growing.

The man is launching a campaign to save the existing green space, although he has already had a petition knocked back by the Number 10 website.

He reportedly attempts to rescue local flowerbeds that have fallen into disrepair and has now taken it upon himself to save the TV garden, which was first established in the 1970s.

“The Blue Peter Garden is a sacred land which must be saved for the future,” he told the East Anglia Daily Times.

“Why do humans only try to save human-made buildings when there are just as important lands to save?”

The site was once the centre of controversy when then Premiership footballer Les Ferdinand joked about helping a gang of vandals to trash