Autumns arrival gives gardeners plenty to ponder

Worcestershire County Council is holding a compost clinic for local residents as part of an attempt to provide support and advice about their compost bin, the Malvern Gazette reports.

Composting is an important issue for gardeners to consider at this time of the year as there is more waste lying around than in any other season.

Gardeners hoping to take advantage of this waste – which most typically comes in the form of fallen leaves and dead flowers – need to act quickly if they are to see the benefits of their compost bins and heaps next year and produce prize-winning fruit and vegetables in their gardens and greenhouses.

Items suitable for compost heaps include tea bags, lawn cuttings, fruit and vegetable peelings, dead flowers and filtered coffee and filter papers, website Garden and Green suggests.

Twigs, egg boxes and sawdust are also decomposable but can take longer to break down.

To aid the composting process, compost heaps or bins should be placed in a position likely to be bathed in autumn and winter sun.

They should also be kept moist – although not overly wet – and as such a lid is vital to ensure protection from heavy downpours.

The Worcestershire County Council compost clinic is due to take place on October 11th at Malvern Morrisons.