Ambitious glass plans for Bono

U2 front man Bono has revealed plans to install an elaborate glass structure at his hotel in Dublin, it has been reported.

A glass atrium in the shape of a Viking longboat is among the designs drawn up, reports the World Entertainment News Network (WENN).

The news could come as encouragement for anyone considering installing glazed canopies but who have been putting off undertaking an ambitious project.

While the plans have met with approval from the council, some concern has been expressed by residents that the work should not impact on historic buildings in the area, WENN reports.

Glass manufacturer Pilkington has some advice for homeowners planning to install glazed canopies to their homes.

The organisation explains that such a feature can provide an attractive entrance to a building.

By making use of glazed canopies, Pilkington notes that spaces can be made more weather-proof without restricting the levels of light let in.