Advantages of adding a greenhouse to your garden

A greenhouse is an essential item for any gardening enthusiast. Adding a greenhouse to your garden will enable you to enjoy your gardening hobby to the full. There are many types of greenhouses available, from freestanding designs to smaller designs such as lean to greenhouses and vinehouses, so you can easily select something that will suit your gardening needs and compliment your garden.

Here are the main advantages of adding a greenhouse to your garden:

•    All year-round growing. Adding a greenhouse to your garden will enable you to grow a selection of plants all year round. A greenhouse provides sheltered space, so you can keep your plants protected from harsh weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain or winds.

•    Controlled growing conditions. One of the main benefits of owning a greenhouse is that you can provide your plants with the right growing conditions. When growing plants in your garden, you do not have control over the weather, so plants can easily become damaged if there’s too much sun, rain, heavy winds or frost. With a greenhouse however, you can easily add extra heating or lighting as required. In winter, you do not need to worry about your greenhouse becoming too cold, as you can insulate it with bubble wrap to keep your plants protected.

•    Variety of plants. As a greenhouse can be adapted to suit different types of plants, you can consider growing plants that are not usually found in your area. Beautiful exotic plants such as orchids or carnivorous plants such as the Venus fly trap can be grown in a greenhouse.

•    Fresh fruit and vegetables. Owning your own greenhouse gives you the chance to experiment with growing your own fruit and vegetables organically. Home-grown fruit and vegetables are not only tastier and healthier than supermarket varieties but will also enable you to cut down on how much you usually spend. You can also create a selection of tasty home-cooked dishes or give your fresh home-grown produce to friends and family as a gift.

•    Business opportunities. Once you have experimented with your own fruit, vegetables and plants, you can consider turning your greenhouse growing hobby into a business. High-quality, home-cooked fruit and vegetables can be sold at local markets, to supermarkets or you can run your business from home.

•    Attractive feature for your garden. The many attractive greenhouse designs available means that you can not only be provided with a structure that enhances your gardening experience but also one that provides a main feature for your garden. A greenhouse can help to completely transform the look of your garden and by selecting high-quality designs such as a red cedar greenhouse, you can be provided with a structure that keeps your garden looking great all year round. Red cedar greenhouses are strong, durable and rot-resistant, making them the perfect option for those looking for a high-quality greenhouse that requires very little maintenance and keeps plants at their best.

Author: Robert Smith

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