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PEFC chain of custody Certification No. CATG-PEFC-379GASH

At Gabriel Ash we are passionate and committed to sourcing all our timber from responsibly-managed forests and are therefore proud to demonstrate our support for sustainable forest management by being able to provide our customers with assurances that the materials used to make our products can be traced back to forests certified to a credible, international certification standard such as PEFC.

Gabriel Ash customers can be proud of the fact that their new timber greenhouse has not had an adverse effect on our planet, PEFC certification means:

• Protection of ecologically valuable areas

• Prevention of deforestation

• Prohibition of the most dangerous chemicals

• Prohibition of genetically modified organisms

• Prohibition of forest conversions

• Protection of the rights and well-being of workers in the forest and supply chain

• Promotion of local employment

• Consideration of the rights of indigenous people

• Respect for land use rights

• A voice for those who depend on forests for their livelihood.

PEFC's 'act locally, think globally' approach offers substantial benefits and contributes positively to the maintenance and enhancement of global forestry. The simple act of sourcing or purchasing your greenhouse with the PEFC label can have far-reaching positive implications, not least in terms of sustainable consumption.

If you are interested in making the right ethical choice when purchasing your new timber greenhouse, you should always choose PEFC-certified products to promote the sustainable management of our forests globally.

Moreover, you might want to consider substituting other materials such as plastics, steel, aluminium or cement with wood, as wood offers unmatched environmental benefits that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle (source PEFC 2015).

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