MK7 Autovents

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MK7 autovents are used as standard in the roof opening lights in our glasshouse range. 

You may also choose to install autovents to the side windows of your greenhouse using the Bayliss triple sprung Mk7 autovent. 

Measuring approximately 12 inches (30cm) in length the MK7 can lift a vent weighing up to six kilos. At full stretch on a hot day the autovent will give a maximum opening of approximately 12 inches ensuring good air flow around the greenhouse – especially if used in conjunction with our unique ridge ventilation.

We provide stainless steel fixings and a cedar block with the autovent to ensure that it is correctly mounted to a Gabriel Ash greenhouse.

Please give consideration as to the positioning of the autovent in relation to any greenhouse staging or greenhouse shelving. It is often best to place such autovents on the opposite side of the greenhouse to the staging or shelving in order to avoid complications.

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