Gabriel Ash - Lean To Six Greenhouse

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Lean To Six

The Lean-to Six, so named as it is approximately six foot wide and, in common with all our classic greenhouses, available in modules of approximately two foot. The drawing shows the most popular of our lean-to greenhouses the 6ft x 8ft (the photo shows a 6ft x 10ft lean-to). As with all our classic greenhouses it is possible to opt for base panels for insulation or perhaps to hide some pots and compost that might be stored under the greenhouse staging. The door can be positioned at either end of the greenhouse and we will call you to clarify this should you choose to purchase online. Well suited for a courtyard or walled garden the Lean-to greenhouse is a pleasant addition to your garden. This is a popular choice for the kitchen gardener particularly if you want your home grown produce close to your back door. If you would like more information about the Lean-to greenhouse please contact us via email or call 01829 271890.

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Gabriel Ash - Lean To Six Blueprint