Jumbo Propagator

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Increase your gardening calendar with a greenhouse propagator. The Jumbo Propagator enables more adventurous gardening by providing the facility to grow seeds and cuttings in your greenhouse all year round. Measuring almost 2 foot wide by 4 foot three inches the propagator has good capacity to cope with your gardening needs. The propagator comes with a thermostatically controlled heated mat which has a temperature range between 040 degrees Celsius. The simple push fit system for the assembly the propagator framework requires no tool. The heated mat generates heat from underneath encouraging rapid and strong growth of seeds and cuttings and promotes good root systems.

The propagator is supplied with a strong UV stabilized cover and can be plugged straight into the main electricity supply. The propagators height make it ideal for over wintering exotic and expensive plants. The propagator comes with a self watering tray. The propagator gets your plants off to a healthy start before being relocated to the greenhouse, coldframe or garden.