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Every Gabriel Ash structure is hand crafted by our experienced craftsmen. With dedicated joiners, metal workers, and carpenters, each of our structures are made to order and the highest quality build is ensured in every project.

All of our structures are made from 100% Western Red Cedar, fixtures and fittings are solid brass and stainless steel and our Classic and RHS ranges boast full ridge automatic ventilation systems with wax filled piston technology ensuring your plants are in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our quality control ensures each structure's components are checked threefold before making its way to our warehouse for packing and transport.

All our RHS structures are made to order and as with all Gabriel Ash Greenhouses the RHS ranges may be extended in length by adding panels. You may also want to consider adding shelving and staging.

As there are a huge number of variations to take into account, we offer a free no obligation, Request A Quote service.