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Q. What sort of base do I need?

A. We recommend that your Gabriel Ash greenhouse is erected onto a solid strip foundation, plinth, slab or dwarf wall. Our Essentials range can also be mounted onto a concrete plinth however we highly recommend you opt for a steel base accessory for ease of installation. A base plan for your structure will be issued when you place your order.

Q. Can I ask for safety glass to be fitted as an optional extra?

A. Safety glass to BS. 6206 is fitted as standard to all Gabriel Ash and Essential greenhouses.

Q. Can you fit double glazed units to a greenhouse?

A. Greenhouses tend to get too hot with double glazed units so we do not offer this.

Q. Can I have hinged opening doors instead of the sliding ones?

A. Hinged doors are standard on our RHS Greenhouses and can be fitted to any of our Classic greenhouses at an additional charge. There is no option for a hinged door on our Essentials Range.

Q. My old greenhouse had roof lights, why aren't there any in Gabriel Ash greenhouses?

A. Gabriel Ash Classic and RHS greenhouses have a unique automatic ridge ventilation system which runs the full length of your greenhouse. This provides ventilation at the highest point in the greenhouse where it is needed. This system is operated automatically by wax filled actuators. When it is warm the wax in the cylinders expands pushing the vent up. You can also purchase automatic openers for our essential range.

Q. Do I need to treat the cedar greenhouse?

A. Western Red Cedar contains its own natural preservatives, giving your greenhouse a long life span without the need for treatment. Cedar will mellow to a silvery grey over time; if you wish to prevent your greenhouse from greying and maintain or change its original colour we can provide treatments or there are several proprietary brands on the market that are suitable. Western Red Cedar absorbs stains and oils readily. Should you choose to treat your Classic or RHS greenhouse you will not need to get up on the roof of your greenhouse since these are protected by aluminium cappings.

Q. Can my greenhouse be divided into separate areas?

A. We can install partitions in your greenhouse to create separate areas for different plant types; it is possible to create a hot area and a cool area. In larger greenhouses, partitions may be used to create smaller areas thus saving on heating costs in winter. There is no option to add partitions on our Essentials Range.

Q. Can I have cedar cladding instead of glass at the bottom of the walls?

A. On all Gabriel Ash Classic greenhouses, lean-to's and vinehouses cedar panels may be fitted instead of glass at a moderate cost. There is no option to add cedar cladding onto our Essentials range.

Q. What is greenhouse staging and shelving?

A. Greenhouse staging is the slatted cedar potting/work bench normally positioned at waist height. Shelving is the narrower slatted storage platform that is positioned above the greenhouse staging.

Q. Do I have to assemble the greenhouse myself?

A. Whilst many of our greenhouses are designed for easy self assembly we also offer a service to erect and glaze your greenhouse anywhere in the world for an additional fee. All our coldframes and Essentials range are delivered on a supply only basis and designed for easy self assembly.

Q. Is delivery and VAT included in the price of the greenhouse?

A. From Dover to Glasgow, Edinburgh to Penzance at Gabriel Ash we believe that the price you see advertised includes delivery direct to your door. That's why in mainland England, Wales, and the majority of Scotland delivery on all structures and accessories is free.

However, due to the absence of motorways and the beautiful but winding roads in Scotland there is a small additional delivery charge of £100 to deliveries in the KY, FK, PA, DD, PH, AB and IV postcodes.
Deliveries to the Isle of Wight and Scottish postcodes HS & KW attract an additional £150 delivery charge.
Please call for information on additional delivery charges to the Isle of Man.

Please note that deliveries of Coldframes is unfortunately only to ground floor level, so whilst living on the 10th floor won't stop you having one of ourmwonder coldframes, you will need to meet us at the main ground floor entrance.

VAT is included at the standard current rate.

Q. Can rainwater from my greenhouse be diverted into water butts?

A. Yes, all Gabriel Ash greenhouses and glasshouses come complete with gutters and 1½" (40mm) down pipes; these standard aluminium pipes are easily adapted to fit water butts.

Q. Where can I see a Gabriel Ash greenhouse?

A. If you are within easy travelling distance of Chester you are welcome to come and visit us, see our greenhouse showroom, have a look around the workshops and meet our team. If that isn't convenient then, during spring and summer, you can see us at all the RHS Garden Shows. We also have a selection of structures situated at our namesake RHS sites; Wisley, Harlow Carr, Rosemoor, and Hyde Hall.

Q. How can I provide shade in my Gabriel Ash greenhouse?

A. We can supply greenhouse shading consisting of internal roller blinds in varying widths to complement your greenhouse.

Q. Planning Permission for a Greenhouse?

A. When it comes to planning permission for greenhouses, they are covered by the same rules governing outbuildings and ancillary garden buildings.

Under new regulations that came into effect on 1 October 2008 outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

  • The greenhouse should not be built forward of the front elevation of the house.
  • The greenhouse should be single storey, with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m and maximum overall height of 4m with a dual pitchedroof, or 3m for a lean-to.
  • The greenhouse should have a maximum height of 2.5m if it's within 2m of a boundary of the curtilage (area accompanying the property) of the house. This still allows for a greenhouse such as the Gabriel Ash 6x8 or 8x10 to be built right up to the boundary.
  • The greenhouse should not cover more than half the area of land around the "original house" – this is the house as it stood in July 1948 (or when it was built if that is the latter date). It is worth bearing in mind that although you may not have extended, a previous owner may have.
  • In National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites the maximum area to be covered by a greenhouse (more than 20m from house) is limited to 10m2
  • If your greenhouse is going on the side of the house within the above areas (AONB, National Park etc) Planning permission will be required.
  • Within the curtilage of listed buildings any outbuilding will require planning permission.

If your greenhouse doesn't fit one or any of the above criteria, it doesn't mean that you can't have it. All it means is that you may require planning permission for the greenhouse to be installed.

When it comes to planning, your new greenhouse is unfortunately no exception, and as always, if you think you need planning, the best course of action is to give your local council a quick call and ask!

For those that are worried about building regulations, have no fear. Building regulations are only applicable for habitable buildings, or structures such as Summerhouses over 30m2.