James White Photography

Web - http://jameswhitephotography.co.uk

email - info@jameswhitephotography.co.uk

Telephone - 0161 215 0984

A lot of the work James does for us involves visiting our clients post installation. it's a way for us to stay in touch with previous customers who love the opportunity to show off their structures. James has a great rapor with our clients and always makes sure to get a few keepsake snaps for them, of which they are grateful!

Heather Edwards Photography

Web - https://www.htedwards.co.uk

email - enquiries@htedwards.co.uk

Telephone - 07725 000 029

Heather shoots most of our Flower Show exhibits for us. She's got a real eye for what works and always shows off our trade stands in it's best light.

Mark Spencer

Web - http://www.mark-spencer.com

email - mark-spencer@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone - 07813 134 304

Mark creates a lot of our video content, in particular our assembly videos and client testimonials. He's worked with our company since 2009 and knows our products inside out! When he's not editing our videos you'll usually catch him at some of our show stands helping out and offering valuable advice.