Our Materials

All of our structures are made from 100% Western Red Cedar. Which means you will never have to treat the wood if you don't want to. Why? Cedar is a very porous wood that's packed full of its own natural oils. This allows the timber to protect itself from the elements and release moisture very quickly. So as long as your structure is kept on a solid perimeter base you won't have to deal with the tedious staining and protection you'll have to endure with most other timber garden sheds!

Each of our structures are single glazed with 3mm toughened safety glass. This allows heat to better leave the greenhouse when it gets too hot whilst the timber framing retains the warmth naturally during the cold seasons, giving your plants an ambient environment where they can thrive.

The Fixings

Our fixtures and fittings are solid brass and stainless steel, this is so they won't mark the wood or rust over time adding to the longevity and security of your structure.

We also use powder coated aluminium for our ridge ventilation, roof capping and guttering, as well as an aluminium plinth for the structure to site on as standard. The powder coating protects the metal from the elements and the plinth acts as the water membrane between the structure and base allowing for a better water seal. The updated grey tones also marry in wonderfully with the structure. From its fresh red to beautifully aged silver tones your structure will be a show stopper at every stage.

Canadian Western Red Cedar

No. 2 Clear and Better Grade

Minimum Knot Content
Defect Free

PEFC Certified

Our Craftsmanship and Innovation

Every Gabriel Ash structure is hand crafted by our experienced craftsmen. With dedicated joiners, metal workers, and carpenters, each of our structures are made to order and the highest quality build is ensured in every project.

Our craftsmen use Mortise and Tenon jointing, which means our structures won't warp out of place over time and our build process is made as smooth as is possible. Our quality control ensures each structures components are checked threefold before making its way to our warehouse for packing and transport.

Our CAD Designers use 3D design software to help make your perfect structure a reality. From this they can instantly create accurate base plans for you to follow ensuring your investment has a sound foundation on which to sit.

Our Classic and RHS ranges boast full ridge automatic ventilation systems with wax filled piston technology ensuring your plants are in a safe and nurturing environment.

  •  - 3D Design Software
  • - 2D Base Plans and Perspective Drawings
  • - Full Ridge Automatic Ventilation
  • - Organic Wax Filled Piston Technology