Here at Gabriel Ash we believe in the personal touch. We like to be available to support our customers through every step of our buying process and beyond, and feel it's important you know each of our cogs that keep our company turning. So here you'll find out a little but more about our staff members and what they do (including a few fun facts) to make your dream structure a reality.

The Office

Di Limam

Managing Director

Nikki Hale

Operations Manager

Ellen Haley

Sales Executive

Shirley Groom

Sales Executive

Mikaela Jones

Marketing Executive

Becca Foulkes

Logistics Co-ordinator

Tom Healy

Head CAD Engineer

The Factory

Our on site departments are responsible for specific aspects of constructing your greenhouses. They all work closely together to ensure the entire build and delivery process runs as smoothly as possible.

The Machine Shop


The Aluminium Shop

The Warehouse

The Installers

We have trusted teams of installers that have been with us for many years. They know our products and clients as well as we do, and play a vital role in ensuring our customers satisfaction through the installation process.

Matt Honeybourne

Franco Loriente

Thomas Hearn

Leigh Goodchild

The Media

We have a lot of noteworthy events through the year that keep us pretty busy. Luckily we have a team of people that help us document our journey; from flower shows, to video tutorials, our media team are great at capturing those special moments!

James White

Heather Edwards 

Mark Spencer