Your Guide To Building A Greenhouse

A greenhouse is every gardener’s dream and it is a surprisingly affordable one if you choose to do it yourself. You can either buy a standard kit or use our fantastic 3D greenhouse designer to adapt one of our designs to suit you.

Finding the right position

You will need to be able to access your new greenhouse from all angles so that you can perform essential maintenance and clean the glass annually. You will need a level piece of ground large enough to create the concrete footings for your new greenhouse.

It is wise to mount your greenhouse on a galvanised steel base and to secure this base directly into the concrete with bolts and rawl plugs. You can also mount the base on a course of bricks, which will provide additional height for your greenhouse. When you construct the base, check the internal diagonal measurements to ensure the base is true.

You must dig the footings to a sufficient depth to support the weight of your new greenhouse and ensure that the concrete sets completely before proceeding with your installation. You may prefer to turn this part of the job over to a contractor to ensure that everything is absolutely level, as you will run into problems later if this is not the case.

Start your build

Start by unpacking the boxes one by one to check that you have all the correct frame pieces and fixings and the building instructions. Take the time to identify all the greenhouse fixings using the included chart. You will start by constructing the gable ends of the greenhouse, so store the other pieces safely until you need them.

It is best to work on a flat, clean, level surface – a few sheets of hardboard or plywood are ideal – and keep them free of grit and dirt, as this can damage the timbers of your greenhouse throughout the construction process.

Now use the clearly labelled instructions to help you lay out every part of the gable end, gluing and screwing mortise and tenon joints as necessary. Place all your pieces with the glazing channels uppermost and make sure that all angled pieces are pointing in the right direction. When you are happy, glue and screw the remaining joints.

Repeat the same process for the plain end gable, taking care to align each part correctly. Next, assemble the two wall panels, following the same procedure as for the two gable ends to complete your panel assembly stage. Now you are ready to build your greenhouse.

Complete the assembly

First, fit the side walls to the gable ends, making sure that the bottom of the corner post and the side wall sill are flush and that the glazing groove is on the outside of the frame, as you will be glazing from the outside. Now screw the gable ends and the walls together. Attach the frame of the greenhouse to the base using brackets and screws.

Now install the ridge bar between the two gable ends, glue and screw the roof transom and fit the roof spars, staggering the roof vents. Check your work with a builders square and a spirit level to ensure that everything is level and true.

Glazing your greenhouse

As you are working with glass, you will need to wear gloves and safety goggles. You should also work with another person to speed up the process and minimise the risk of breakages.

Start with the roof panels, sliding each one into place and capping with the capping strip. Finish by fitting the roof vent or vents. You will find that glazing is a relative quick and straightforward procedure once you have identified where each panel fits. Hold in place with the cappings and continue until every pane is in position and securely capped.

Finally, fit and glaze your greenhouse door. Your construction is now complete, ready to produce delicious fruit and vegetables for many years to come.