Young and old to join in greenhouse and garden project

An Alabama middle school could soon have a vegetable garden with a little help from the older members in the community.

While the proposed garden and 10 ft by 12 ft greenhouse at North Jefferson Middle School would be tended to by the schools pupils during term time, it would be looked after by residents of the Kimberly Senior Centre during the holidays.

The senior citizens may also be asked to teach the kids how to plant and harvest vegetables, with some even showing them how to package the produce for sale in the community, according to the North Jefferson News.

The idea is the brainchild of teacher Briana Morton, who explained to the news provider that she feels its important that the kids leave an impression on their school and their community.

"I wanted to put something in their hands so they could leave a legacy behind at North Jefferson Middle School," she said.

"But I also wanted to get the community involved."

There has been a renewed emphasis placed on teaching people the old-fashioned value of producing food from the land.

Only recently, President Obama was urged to set aside part of the White Houses lawn for growing organic vegetables to feed the first family.