You cant go Wong with potatoes

Want to celebrate the wonderful qualities of the humble potato?   Sunday, 27 January is National Potato Day and herbalist and TV gardener James Wong will be helping to mark it at popular Ryton Gardens near Coventry.

This will be Garden Organic’s 20th National Potato Day and each year’s event has helped potato growers to learn about all the varieties available and how to grow them.

James Wong is the ambassador for Garden Organic and there’s not much he doesn’t know about exotic fruit, veg and flowers from across the world.  Signed copies of his new book “James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution” will be available for sale and he will give a talk on potatoes and how to grow them.

James, who was taught the fundamentals of his trade by his herb-growing granny, will be spreading his passion for experimenting with new food crops and all the benefits that growing and eating these provide.  He is a fan of Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library and they will be organising a seed swap on the day.

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Author: Robert Smith

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