Yorkshire vegetable grower banned from shows

A horticulture enthusiast has reportedly been banned from showing his gigantic vegetables at local events.

Barnsley resident Barry Micklethwaite grows leeks, beetroots and parsnips, but unlike other garden and greenhouse fans, his are super sized.

However, he claims the success he has achieved over 30 years of showing his specimens has led to him being blacklisted.

A recent phone call to the South Yorkshire branch of the National Vegetable Society regarding a show schedule revealed the grower was no longer welcome at the organisations events.

"If they had been honest and said they wanted me to step down and give somebody else a chance I would have done that," he said, adding he intends to go to the courts over the matter.

"But they refused to give a reason so I am determined to fight the decision."

When questioned about the ban, the body stated the gardener had been booted for being a sore loser, adding bosses felt he refused to enter national competitions in case he lost.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society is set to host the Gardeners Question Time radio show at its Garden Harlow Carr site.