Yorkshire Community Gardening

A £100,000 scheme has been launched in Yorkshire by the Royal Horticultural Society to boost community gardening.

The scheme is being lead by gardening enthusiast Sue Biggs, who hopes to help the county’s population remember their green roots;

“We have lost a generation of gardeners … the reasons are many and varied and no one thing is to blame, but whereas Sundays once meant an afternoon in the garden…many have no idea how simple it is to grow their own plants and that is where the RHS comes in.”

The first step will be to launch the Yorkshire In Bloom project. The RHS will be giving away £100,000 over the next three years to projects aimed at directly boosting community gardening. This will include numerous small grants alongside flagship projects. Sue speaks enthusiastically about the project’s aims;

“One of the things we want to show is that you can grow plants anywhere… You don’t need acres of land, people can do amazing things with even the tiniest of balconies or window boxes and when communities get together the results can be incredible.”

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