Worlds tallest building

Pictures of the worlds new tallest building have been hitting the newspapers this week, featuring thousands of large glazed windows and showing just how far modern architecture has come.

Stretching 2,257 feet into the Dubai sky, the Burj Dubai dwarfs other skyscrapers by a long way.

Already 160 floors high, the eventual height of the building remains a secret but one thing is for sure, the giant glazed structure will go down in history as one of the most spectacular buildings the world has ever seen.

The building is constructed of solid reinforced concrete and clad in glass, including a 76th floor swimming pool which is likely to offer one of the most dramatic pool views ever.

Many homeowners enjoy the view when dining in their conservatory, but it would be a real challenge to create gardens that are able to rival the spectacular views from the 122nd floor restaurant.

The importance of glass in the building cannot be overstated; every floor has darkened glass and most will offer an uninterrupted view of the United Arab Emirates.

It is likely that the building will reach around half a mile into the sky on completion.