Worlds largest cucumber

A challenge has been laid down to British gardeners who grow their own fruit and veg.

Alf Cobb presented the worlds biggest ever cucumber at the National Amateur Gardening show last week.

Measuring almost a metre long (36.1 in), the cucumber smashed the previous record by exactly an inch.

Speaking before the show, giant-vegetable co-ordinator Ray Davey said the massive veg was going to be a show-stopper.

"I know the crowd will enjoy the display," he said.

"They just gasp when they come in here. Its always full of people."

The event attracted around 30,000 visitors and interest from around the world with its displays of giant fruit and veg.

This summer has offered excellent conditions for growing veg, with clammy weather and prolonged rain.

Some vegetables and plants dont fare so well in extremely wet conditions though and it is therefore wise to invest in a greenhouse to help protect these in times of heavy rain.