Work begins now for summer gardeners

The time is right for Britains garden and greenhouse enthusiasts to start working towards creating their perfect green space.

Putting the effort in now can see growers reap the rewards come summertime, the Royal Horticultural Society suggested.

Preparing the soil ahead of the growing season is vital in order to ensure new plants are given the best chance to flourish.

Removing old crops will clear the earth and make room for new ones to grow. Adding them to the compost heap can also help boost nutrient levels and create a healthy fertiliser.

When this has been done, gardeners should dig over their soil and add compost to improve conditions and prepare a beneficial environment for their seeds.

This should only be done when the earth is dry as trampling the ground when it is wet will only serve to compact it further.

Another useful activity during the colder months is to sift through the various seed catalogues in order to plan this years crops.

The Wokingham Times suggested that now is a good time to buy bulbs and seeds for planting in March and April.