Wood no good for keeping orchids

Orchids keep for longer if they are grown in moss, it has been claimed.

Rocket Farms grows orchids in its 5.3 million sq ft greenhouse and growing area, along with other species of flora.

While individuals may not have quite so much floor space in their greenhouses at home, the advice could still be of use.

The flower grower explains: "Rather than bark, the orchids at Rocket Farms are potted in moss, which maintains the moisture and eliminates frequent watering.

"If watered sparingly, some blooms can last up to four months."

Meanwhile, the company points out that such flowers can make suitable gifts for relatives.

An orchid freshly cut from the greenhouse constitutes the "perfect gift" for Mothers Day, the firm proposes.

The Flowers & Plants Association reports that orchids are currently the most popular plant among UK households.

Care tips from the organisation include the advice that orchids generally respond well to gentle misting, while different varieties are varyingly resilient to central heating systems.