Winter tips for Chicago garden and greenhouse enthusiasts

With winter nearly upon us, a Chicago publication has examined what gardeners should be doing to prepare for next year.

The Norridge Harwood Heights News spoke to The Organic Gardeners Jeanne Pinsof who shared a number of tips with readers.

She suggested that garden and greenhouse enthusiasts remove any dead annuals before the first frost arrives as they will have to be re-planted in spring.

It is also a good idea to store any tomato cages, stakes, bamboo rods or any other garden supports in a greenhouse or shed to keep them in good condition for growing season 2010.

While many garden activities at this time of year are focused on shutting the green space down for winter, some plants, such as garlic, can be planted in the autumn and will sprout early in spring.

Soil should be raked smooth, with any dead leaves and other organic matter then spread across the surface as a mulch, which provides winter nourishment and insulation for the earth.

Meanwhile, has provided some advice for garden and greenhouse lovers who grow their own food and want to store it in cans.