Winter perfect time to prune trees

If people cannot get outside and start planting new seeds in their wooden greenhouses just yet, there are still other gardening jobs they could be getting on with.

Writing for NBC Action News, Mike Markewinski said winter is the perfect time to start pruning trees.

This is because there are a number of benefits to trimming back the branches and tidying them up a little.

Mr Markewinski stated that as well as making them healthier by getting rid of dead or dying branches, it ensures falling or long-hanging limbs do not become dangerous.

When carrying out this work, he noted that according to experts, it is important to wear a hardhat, safety glasses and avoid trimming from a ladder.

Speaking to the news provider, Kansas City gardening expert Toby Tobin said that "any branch that grows toward the centre of the tree and sprouts growing near the centre of the tree should be pruned".

Writing for the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Graham Porter recently said the Tibetan Cherry is one of the best trees for people to have in their winter garde