Winter gardening advice from the RHS

With just two weeks to go until Christmas it can be all too easy to forget about the garden and greenhouse.

But the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has advised that now is the time to get any remaining dead leaves removed from gardens, gutters, paths and anywhere else they may have fallen.

Leaves can be kept on the compost heap – but spring is the best time to start composting, according to the RHS.

The cold weather can wreak havoc with even the most well-tended gardens if a hose or pipes become frozen and burst – leading to flooding that could ruin both the garden and the property.

While many may prefer the warmth and shelter of the greenhouse – much like their plants do – the RHS also suggests that lawns can even now be mowed – preferably on a clear, dry day.

Gardeners proud of their lawns should also be aware that walking on the grass during frosty weather can damage it.

A little care over the winter could mean that the garden is in a healthy state to continue growing in spring.