Window films cause concern

Many homeowners are concerned that adding protective films to their windows could void the manufacturers warranty, it has been claimed.

Bekaert Specialty Films is a developer and manufacturer of such treatments, which it notes can help to prevent the likelihood of glass shattering.

Further benefits include the elimination of harmful ultra-violet rays, as well as optimising energy consumption.

However, the organisation observes that "in the past, homeowners and commercial property managers have been concerned that installing window film could void their original glass manufacturers warranty".

In light of the claims, those hoping to erect a conservatory or glass kitchen extension might wish to obtain a higher specification of glazing units from the outset.

Scott Nicholas, managing director of conservatory roof panels manufacturer Roof-Maker, recently told industry news source Glass on Web of a trend towards such a desire among customers.

He explained that "customers are looking for added value and improved performance" from the glazing units used in their conservatories.