Wicker conservatory furniture needs TLC

Having wicker fixtures in a garden studio or conservatory might look good, but it can cause problems if not cared for properly, it has been suggested.

The products require attention both before purchase and throughout their lifespan, according to Furniture Medic.

Head of marketing for the firm Hannah Banfield explained conservatory owners should check the wicker items before they commit to buying them, paying special attention to joints and any loose pieces of weaving.

She added a sealant or lacquer should help protect the material from the weather, as well as bugs.

While conservatories can be sunny places, wicker furniture should be kept out of direct solar light as it can alter the appearance.

Ms Banfield stated people should pay attention to the products, checking for signs of sagging or loose pieces.

"If it does start to fall apart make sure you call the experts to have it fixed as quickly as possible as this will protect it for any future problems," she concluded.

Meanwhile, a recent ratedpeople.com study found adding a conservatory to the home can increase its value by up to five per cent.