Why you should choose a Gabriel Ash wooden greenhouse

Gabriel Ash offer a fantastic range of stunning greenhouses that not only provide you with everything you need to keep your plants healthy, but also a beautiful structure that will make your garden look great. There are many styles available, from stunning cedar greenhouses to small lean-to designs, so be sure to look around and see what suits your needs.

There are many different designs of wooden greenhouses available. For plenty of beauty and a top quality greenhouse for your garden, you may wish to opt for the Western Red cedar greenhouse. This design not only looks stunning but also remains in top condition after a long period of time, as the wood ages well.

Before choosing a wooden greenhouse, you may wish to think about the needs of your plants. Some types of wood may not be suitable for certain temperatures and may also rot quickly when exposed to too much moisture. You may wish to opt for the Red Cedar design, which controls moisture easily and is rot resistant.

To make your garden look unique and interesting, you may wish to choose a type of wood that looks great when combined with glass. Cedar wood looks stunning with glass and is perfect for those looking for a fantastic design that lasts longer.

If you struggling to find what you are looking for amongst the styles already available then you may wish to consider a bespoke greenhouse. Bespoke greenhouses are designed using your own specifications, allowing you to create your ideal wooden greenhouse. To create a safer environment in your garden, you may wish to add special safety glass to your wooden design. Safety glass will also protect your plants and greenhouse during severe weather conditions.

Choosing a strong wood design will help to keep your greenhouse and plants at their best. With the right wood design, you can be sure that your plants remain at their best and that your garden will remain attractive and interesting.

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