Why gardeners make good mates

Male gardeners may look a little smug after it emerged that working in the greenhouse and garden for just half an hour a day could improve their sexual performance.

Researchers from the University of Vienna studied nearly 700 males aged between 45 and 60 and found that those who burn over 1,000 calories per week could experience a stronger sex drive and cut their risk of impotency by more than a third (38 per cent).

Aside from the obvious health benefits associated with regular exercise, the news will please those who love to give the garden a good going over.

"Erectile function can be maintained even by low, regular physical activity," the researchers commented.

"Energy expenditure of as little as 1,000 kilocalories a week reduces the risk.

"Doctors should use these findings to encourage their patients to do more physical training and adopt a healthier lifestyle."

The study could perhaps explain why women find garden guru Alan Titchmarsh so attractive.

The TV presenter recently helped start building work at the Royal Horticultural Society gardens in Harlow Carr, according to the Knaresborough Post