Why compost is great for the garden

A national newspaper has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts some tips on how to get the best out of their green space on a budget.

The Huffington Post took advice from the author of Taking Dirt: The Dirt Divas Down to Earth Guide To Organic Gardening.

Master gardener Annie Spiegelman explained how she is "obsessed" with compost because it is generally packed with worms and micro organisms that are great for breaking down organic materials.

"This naturally occurring decayed material becomes compost – free lunch for our plants," she said, adding that she never buys fertiliser for her own crops.

There are different ways of making compost that range from keeping a pile of organic material in the garden to running a worm farm in a garage or shed.

Aside from providing free nutrients to plants, composting is also green as it helps recycle many items that would ordinarily end up in landfill.

In other news, the Victoria Advocate recently gave readers some advice on growing organically.