Why bother with greenhouse growing

Greenhouse growing offers a wide range of benefits.
If you are considering adding a greenhouse to your garden, then Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of designs, from spacious, grand glasshouses for those wishing to add an impressive structure to their garden to lean to greenhouses and cold frames, which are ideal for smaller gardens.
Adding a greenhouse to your garden will enable you to extend the growing season and provide your plants with plenty of protection as well as keep your garden looking attractive.

The main advantage of greenhouse growing is that you are provided with the opportunity to grow your own fruit and vegetables organically. As well as helping to cut down on how much you spend at the supermarket, growing your own fruit and vegetables organically in your greenhouse will also provide you with food that is chemical-free, healthy and packed with nutrients.

In addition to offering extra protection, a greenhouse will also help you to provide your plants with just the right atmosphere. You can easily add extra lighting or heating if your plants need it as well as extra ventilation during the summer.
Researching the needs of the plants that you are planning to grow will enable you to provide them with just the right amount of heat and sunlight that they need in order to thrive.

In addition to fruit and vegetables, greenhouse growing also gives you the chance to experiment with many interesting types of plants. You can experiment with exotic plants such as orchids or desert type plants such as cacti. Tropical plants are a particularly good choice for greenhouse growing as they thrive in the humid conditions.

The benefits offered by greenhouse growing can depend on what type of greenhouse you choose. Spacious, Victorian greenhouses offer a stunning structure for your garden as well as plenty of space for adding extra items. Larger greenhouses also provide enough space to transform your greenhouse into a conservatory, where you can enjoy warm summer evenings whilst surrounded by your own plants.

Greenhouse growing can be therapeutic and provides those who love gardening with their own personal space. In addition to this, adding a greenhouse to your garden will also help to keep your garden organised, as you are provided with extra space to store items.
Some greenhouses offer enough space to add staging to store plants and may even be able to accommodate a bench or other types of garden furniture.


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