White House extends kitchen garden

First lady Michelle Obama continues to be an inspiration to Americans to grow their own food in their gardens and greenhouses.

Wife of president Barack, Michelle was widely praised for establishing a kitchen garden at the White House in 2009.

However, such has been the success of the plot, which put food on the first familys table as well as helped out local community groups, that the first lady asked for it to be expanded.

An extra 500 sq ft has been allocated to accommodate even more fruit and vegetables throughout the spring and summer growing season.

The original garden accommodated 55 types of food, but the extra space should allow White House growers to cultivate even more tasty and healthy grub.

Seeds have already begun to sprout, according to a White House blog entry by assistant chef Sam Kass.

"We also learned a few things. For example, we planted our carrots a little too late. They were not as big as we had hoped, but the little things are tasty," he added.

The presidential residence is offering tours of the garden to school students, which are available on most Tuesdays and Thursdays.