Which Type Of Greenhouse Suits Your Budget

Before buying a greenhouse there are a number of factors to consider, such as available space and the types of plants you wish to grow. However, one of the biggest constraints will be the amount of money that you have to spend. Greenhouses can vary enormously in price but there is a huge range of different types available so whatever your budget you are sure to find one to suit. 

Pop-up and Mini Options

Even if your budget is very tight it is still possible to find a greenhouse to accommodate a selection of plants or vegetables. Mini greenhouses are small structures designed to lean against a wall or fit underneath a windowsill. They usually consist of a metal or plastic frame covered with a weather-resistant clear or frosted PVC cover that zips over the frame like a tent. Quick to assemble yourself, they can be left freestanding or secured against a wall or fence. Perfect for overwintering your treasured outdoor pot plants or raising small trays of seedlings, they are a low-cost option ideal for small spaces. Pop-up greenhouses are manufactured in a similar way but tend to be a little taller, often with a cover that zips over a shelving rack, allowing you additional room for your seedlings. A cold frame is another type of baby greenhouse with a wooden frame and a lift-up lid for ease of access.

Lean-to Greenhouses

These can be a good option if you would like a built greenhouse but do not have the room for a freestanding option. Use an existing side or back wall and just build on three sides, saving money on the initial construction costs. This type of greenhouse is usually cheaper to heat than a freestanding one as there is less glass for heat to escape through.

Freestanding Greenhouses

If you have enough space, a freestanding greenhouse allows you extra flexibility. These are available in a huge range of shapes and styles, from small 6ft by 4ft basic greenhouses to larger, more ornate options that can double as additional entertaining spaces. If the ground is very uneven you may need to first lay some paving. Many are constructed around an aluminium frame and feature special toughened safety glass panes for extra security. Often these greenhouses can be built by yourself as the pre-cut panes are designed to easily clip onto the frame although a larger bespoke construction may require professional assembly. A freestanding greenhouse is perfect if you want to grow a range of plants as many have staging on one side for trays or grow bags and a border along the other side where taller crops such as tomatoes can be planted directly into the ground. When opting for this type of greenhouse don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as heating which may be necessary if the winter is very harsh.

Greenhouses are available in a huge range of prices, from £50 to several thousand pounds. Whether you need a small cold frame to protect your young seedlings from the frost or a large greenhouse that you can sit and relax in whilst you enjoy your precious plants, there is a greenhouse to suit your requirements and budget.