When to move plants around the garden

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some tips on moving plants around their green space.

The Crossville Chronicle suggested that growers bide their time when it comes to transplanting spring-flowering bulbs.

It explained that tulips, daffodils and other such species should be left until their foliage starts to die back and leaves turn yellow.

This is the signal that the plants have enough energy stored for next spring and can be used as a signal of when they are ready to be moved.

Meanwhile, trees and shrubs can also suffer if soil becomes waterlogged and the newspaper explained that young specimens and transplants are among the most susceptible.

It suggested that gardeners who experience such problems build a river rock drainage ditch, which will look like a dry riverbed, until a storm appears and it comes into its own.

Such an installation serves to divert flooding away from trees and stop the soil becoming waterlogged.

Meanwhile, Suburban Journals is asking its readers to get in contact with their own garden and greenhouse tips.