WhatPrice recommends conservatory blinds

Conservatories often give homes a unique feel, and choosing the décor for them can take that feeling even further.

Price sharing website WhatPrice.co.uk suggests that no conservatory is complete without blinds.

But adding blinds should tie in with the look and feel of the glazed extension, while offering the practical benefits of shading.

The site recommends roman blinds as a good choice.

"Roman blinds, which are made of woven strips of thin wood, are the most traditional choice for conservatories," it says.

"These blinds compliment Wicker and Rattan furniture beautifully and can also be built to operate remotely."

Although roller blinds are not the most attractive, they do provide the best management of heat build up and reduction of solar glare, says the website.

Blinds can be useful for regulating the heat of a conservatory, which can also be especially useful for taking care of any plants stored there.