What you get from a Gabriel Ash lean to greenhouse

Gabriel Ash’s wide range of lean to greenhouses has much to offer. Whether you have limited garden space and need a smaller design or simply wish to opt for something that saves space, Gabriel Ash can provide you with a lean to greenhouse that is sure to keep your plants at their best.

A lean to greenhouse is the perfect choice for those looking for something that offers plenty of convenience. Attached to a wall, a lean to greenhouse enables you to easily access your plants, making it much easier for you to provide them with everything they need in order to thrive. A lean to greenhouse also traps heat, allowing you to cut down on the amount of heating you use. The location of a lean to greenhouse also provides you with easy access to utilities such as water and electricity and your greenhouse will be fully insulated as a result of being attached to a wall.

Lean to greenhouses take up much less space than freestanding designs, enabling you to save space in your garden. You can also consider transforming your lean to greenhouse into a small conservatory, where you can enjoy warm summer evenings whilst surrounded by your own selection of plants.

You may need to add extra lighting to your lean to greenhouse, as the location may restrict the amount of natural sunlight that your plants have access to. Artificial lighting will help your plants to thrive and you may also wish to consider adding extra ventilation, which will keep the atmosphere within your lean to greenhouse healthy.

In addition to providing just enough space to grow a selection of plants, lean to greenhouses are a great choice for those wishing to add an attractive structure to their garden. The cedar wood lean to greenhouse is a particularly good choice for those looking for a long-lasting design that keeps their garden looking great. 

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