What to get a gardener for Christmas

The Horticultural Trading Association has come up with the perfect small gift idea for the garden enthusiast this Christmas.

Gardeners up and down the country will be waking up on Christmas morning to find a few handy National Garden Gift Vouchers (NGGVs) in their stockings.

The vouchers will allow green fingered gardeners to stock up on all manner of goodies for the greenhouse at garden centres across the country.

Those looking for more information should keep an eye out for advertisements on UK Style, UK Gardens, UK Living, UK Food and Alibi, explains NGGV general manager David Butler.

"The TV advertising is only one part of an extensive media campaign which sees National Garden Gift Voucher coverage across a full range of media in the run up to Christmas," he said.

"Filming took place in early morning shoot at Leighton Buzzard Garden Centre much to the surprise of the first customers of the day!"

With promotional giveaways also featuring in SkyMag, the Sunday Express and the Sunday Times, gardeners will be back out into their greenhouses by Boxing Day.