Weston-super-Mare could have glazed facade

The race to design Weston-super-Mares new Grand Pier is hotting up, with six short listed blueprints being unveiled for the first time, according to thisisbristol.co.uk.

The website highlighted the work of local artist Angus Meek, who designed a pavilion-like structure complete with a five-storey coloured glass front.

The idea behind the glass facade is to allow visitors to see what the pier has to offer from afar, according to Mr Meek, who will be hoping to win the multi-million pound commission.

Mr Meeks full height hall is due to attract attention but five other strong challengers remain, according to the piers architectural consultant Bob Hardcastle.

"These six are short listed from 12 final designs and are what we thought were practical and capable on this scale of project," he said.

"The design brief is to produce a high-quality, 21st-century design which retains the spirit of a seaside pier, and the budget is £10-15 million.

"The firms have had four weeks to produce their designs and they have created some really interesting schemes.

"We do not have the exact costings of each design as yet."