Welsh garden and greenhouse fans given early Christmas present

A top garden and greenhouse attraction in Wales has given horticulture enthusiasts cause to celebrate ahead of Christmas.

While growers might not be able to do much in their own gardens at present, they could take advantage of the National Botanic Garden of Wales’ offer of free entry throughout January.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the attraction is repeating its popular tenth anniversary celebration promotion by allowing visitors to enjoy a day out free of charge.

Furthermore, it is set to host a number of top events in the stunning Lord Foster’s Great Glasshouse.

Events such as the Wood Craft Weekend, Wine Weekend and Local Producer Food Fair will keep visitors entertained and boost footfall, which is the aim of the promotions.

The attraction was recently named Number One Winter Wonderland in the UK by the Times newspaper and marketing and communications manager David Hardy explained that he hoped such events would boost the site’s popularity even further.

"We’re hoping to see lots of visitors and also make some new friends, too," he explained.

Meanwhile, the RHS has reported that archaeologists have discovered the remains of a Roman village beneath Syon Park – an RHS-recommended garden in London.