Welsh council to turn more land over to allotments

Local authorities in Aberystwyth are to create dozens more allotments across the city in a bid to enable more of its residents to grow their own vegetables.

Just recently, Plaid Cymru reported that, while growing numbers of people are keen to get stuck in and grow their own, many are being prevented from doing so by waiting lists of up to nine years for plots owned by local councils.

As such, Ceredigion council has announced that it is to release a new area of land over to allotments, thereby giving dozens of local residents the chance to take up vegetable gardening and enjoy the benefits of growing vegetables, including improved diet and better levels of fitness.

One Welsh enthusiast told the BBC: "Allotments are hugely valuable. As gardeners we are sustainable, we recycle everything and we grow our own food.

"Allotments can save families money and its good for your health and can be both physically and mentally rewarding," he added.

At the same time, Clitheroe Council has announced plans to introduce vegetables into the Lancashire towns flowerbeds and to even invite residents to pick the produce, which is likely to include purple broccoli.